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Rental options


Here is a list of the units we have available for rent as well as a brief description of them.

Indoor Units

We have a selection of sizes and prices available which will keep your items safe from the outside elements.  They range from 5 X 10 all the way to 10 X 30 so you will always be able to pick the right option for your needs. 


Outside Storage


Here is where people, just like you, choose to store their RV's, campers, boats, utility vehicles, you name it!  These units are numbered so you will always have your same spot.  These units are not covered from the elements but are a good alternative to having your jet ski's blocking your driveway all winter.

Routine Maintenance

Whenever we sell a new unit we always make sure that the unit is clean and that the springs are lubricated and in good working order.  There is, however, no way we can anticipate when a spring will break or damage will occur to the building due to weather or outside issues.  If you notice anything wrong with your unit or building simply give the office a call and one of our maintanence workers will get the issue resolved in a timely and efficient manner. 

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